Step into Your Super Power: KNOW YOUR VALUE - Agents of Summer Series

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Agents of Summer Series is coming!

The Peggy challenges (All 3 Volumes) have each been so much fun! They have provided a great way for nerds to connect, have a community experience, and meet new people. All of those are much missed elements you get in The Perky Nerd shop. The challenge community on FB has kept that alive and well in this quarantine world. 

I wanted to give the opportunity to stay connected ALL SUMMER LONG with a fresh, new twist on our Peggy Challenges with the Agents of Summer Series. The series will be split into 2 parts.
Each part is 42 days long as follows: 
Part 1 - June 8th (Mon) - July 19th (Sun)
Part 2 - July 27th (Mon) - Sept 6th (Sun)

If you did the previous challenges, this time it's ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY and keeping your Agent status during the summer.
There will be an added features to the program
(Original Features are BELOW in the Original Pitch section and still apply): 
- NEW UPDATED 42 Day Journal with NEW art by Karen Bates, NEW Daily Quotes to motivate the Agent in you, and other NEW & FUN tweaks to the Daily & Weekend pages including drink recipes to try out 
- NEW WEEKLY AGENT Objectives to focus on 

-(4) LIVE online group hangouts (Zoom) so we can "meet" each other. Ranging from Game Nights, Brunches, & Pizza Parties. Definitely a 4th of July celebration for Captain America's birthday (Peggy Cosplay highly encouraged to honor her man) 
- WEEKLY themed weeks with morning Peggy memes in addition to the daily LIVE check-ins with Agent Perky aka Tiffany the Perky Nerd
PLUS, NEW Peggy Merch Available to maximize your Peggy experience: 

- NEW Peggy Pin & Print - I KNOW MY WORTH Peggy Pin & I KNOW MY VALUE AFTER ALL Print by Karen Bates 

- NEW Agents of Summer Journal - PRINTED VERSION (Coming soon) 

Previous Challenge items still available in limited quantity: 

- Peggy Trio - Exclusive Peggy Carter Pin, Print, & Trade Paperback (“Operation Sin: Agent Carter” TP) 
- Peggy Duo - Exclusive Peggy Carter Pin & Print 

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The series is a WONDERFUL way to connect and stay focused during the summer.
Pandemic LIKE Peggy. Keep calm and Agent on. TOGETHER!

Here's how the PEGGY CHALLENGES started and their original MISSION. The Summer Series will be taking on a LIGHTER version of the 21 day challenges focusing on community, interaction, fun tasks, themed weeks, and daily memes & check ins inspired by Peggy. 
READ ON for the original pitch and where we've come from in 3 Volumes worth of Challenges: 
The Perky Nerd is calling all Peggy Carter fans! Whether you live in the Burbank area or not, this is your chance to participate in our community of nerds in a whole new way. A 21 day challenge based off one of our favorites, Peggy Carter. 

Here's the pitch! 

We are all fans of something.

That is what brought us together.

Our love for amazing characters.

We are their FANS!

Their actions motivate us. Their words inspire us. Their strength moves us.
We want to be like them. Look like them. Be strong like them. Kick ass like them.

What if we did? 

What if we actually did something together to be more like them?

What if you were Peggy?

What if you were a strong agent and leader of your own life?

I want to challenge you to take a step further into your fandom by exploring her admirable traits and apply it to your own life. Take your fandom to the next level and become a fan of yourself.

Step into your superpower! Know your value.

This is the first in a series of challenges to set the foundation for owning your life. It’s like a book club and the book is about you!

What to expect in the KNOW YOUR VALUE challenge:

-A Peggy-inspired workbook to keep you on track (Digital Download) -
Weekly goal setting pages and daily AM & PM accountability pages

-Access to a private FB group of people to cheer you on in your goals

-Opportunity to make a new friend and make them your accountability buddy

-Daily videos throughout the challenge from The Perky Nerd to motivate you
Tiffany will share her own 21 day journey to help you stay on track with your personal goals knowing you are not alone in this fun adventure!

-Recommendations on how to balance body and mind

-Tips on Apps to use to help stay on course & achieve the MOVE daily goals

-A like-minded community to support you and connect with fellow Peggy fans
Take charge of your power and be your own superhero. Only you can change the direction of your life and I will be here to support you in this super fun summer series broken into 2 parts, 42 days each to master the basics you need to create momentum towards finding your inner Peggy. The workbook will give you the tools you need to step into your power and easily create daily habits to channeling the strength inside you. But with a summer twist and NEW ADDITIONS! 

Stop using your excuses as a SHIELD and unleash the agent inside. And if you are a returning agent, can't wait to continue our journey.